The Marion Country Club Murder

It’s hard to imagine having a ghostly encounter in such an idyllic setting at the Marion Club grounds.

Ever since Marion Country Club employee Annette Huddle’s murder in 1981, rumors have persisted that her ghost haunts the golf course grounds.

Even if one disregards this supernatural element of the story, the crime and resulting investigation contain all the elements of a good thriller: A pretty and ambitious small town girl is found dead in the Olentangy River while her charming and manipulative killer walks free due to lack of evidence. Years later, the same man is once again at the center of a murder investigation in California, but he disappears before police can apprehend him. After he’s featured on America’s Most Wanted, a tipster in Marion points investigators to his whereabouts. Will the killer finally be brought to justice? Check out Haunted Marion, Ohio to find out!

4 thoughts on “The Marion Country Club Murder

  1. I remember this because I worked at the motel where he was staying. He had 3 corvettes that he drove. Never drove the same one day after say. Everyone searched and searched for her. The guy up and left town. Got caught, though. With modern technology, why can’t they test evidence and finally convict him?

    1. Not sure, but maybe the police mucked up the case. Surely wouldn’t be the first time. After just watching a show about the killer on Investigation ID, I guess Paul Steven Mack died in 2018. Couldn’t find any articles about that though. Annette Huddle’s case is still open…

      1. I just saw a show on Oxygen on this, and they said Mack confessed to her murder before he died in 2018.

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