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The History Press published Haunted Marion, Ohio, written by one of the founders of Spooky Marion, on September 2nd, 2011.

Some of the tales will be expanded versions of stories that have originally appeared on this website, but many others are completely new. The book contains over 35 photos and illustrations and sells for $20.

The book is for sale locally at the following locations:

22 thoughts on “Get the Book!

    1. Hi Mariah, glad to hear it. I hope you like it, and if you hear of any other good stories going around Marion, be sure to let me know!

      1. Just wanted to let you know that Rose Ave in Marion, has had ghost hunters going thru the the Mallable plant and office building. It is now Foundations a rehab place.There supposedly ghosts in both building.. The old Sawyer Ludwig park,use to be a hospital type buildings in the Warren Harding era.Ghosts supposedly there also. Marion is full of ghosts

  1. I bought the book this afternoon and just finished it. I couldn’t put it down. I certainly have some ideas for ways to spend the boring summer nights in Marion next summer now. Great job!

  2. I agree. I am definitely interested in buying your book. Halloween is almost here, and I will have to go to all these eerie hauntings. Crazy that I get on this site right after Brooke considering I know her.

  3. I was just wondering how I could receive a copy of this book, seeing that my husband is mentioned in this book. I live in Massachusetts and they do not sell it out here that I am aware of.

    1. I am sure a book store could order it or you could write to the Historical Society, and I think they would ship one to you. I saw the cost was $20.00. Was curious who your husband was and what his name was and why in would be connected with the house on Silver Street?

  4. well the house on silver st is VERY haunted by an EVIL spirit im getting goose bumps just typing this…but me and my wife and a few friends went in (door was open) landlord says he can never keep the door closed he even said he padlocked it insine and out even nailed it shut with over 50 nails and screws…but anyways … we walked in and INSTANTLY heard knocking and screams…and a little boy saying come play with me..then all of a sudden you heard be quiet hes coming then a REALY LOUD GROWL

  5. I grew up in Marion and live out of state. Would like to purchase a copy of the book. Are they being sold online? How can I purchase one of these books?

  6. I bought the book awhile back, LOVED IT!!! I loaned it to a co-worker, ironically enough, he died suddenly from a heart attack while still in possession of my copy. So basically I never got it back. 🙁

  7. Picked it up started reading and couldn’t stop. Loved it. Very well written and organized. Reads as a conversation rather than a history lesson so it keeps you interested. I will be talking about this on my next podcast for sure.

  8. I was best friends with Chris as kids. I grew up in 314 Silver Street. If you want to know my side of the story, email me.

  9. Having grown up in Marion, I bought the book and had fun reading it, even though I’ve never believed in ghosts or haunted houses. I still don’t but I enjoyed the stories nonetheless.

  10. I was born in Marion in 1936 and grew upon Chestnut Street. Went to the old “Harding” on Church Street but do not remember a ghost.

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